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For Family Historians, Genealogists, Art Lovers and those that enjoy Wild Flowers


The Accidental Archivist - Preserving Family Histories and Personal Records

ISBN 978-0-9535019-8-4

Now that we are on the verge of an information overload, the current interest in preserving records of our past has become a matter of importance. In this book I have concentrated largely on those items that are likely to find their way into the hands of archivists who never imagined that they would be one. If you are planning to archive anything from family history to railway history, I am sure that you will find much thoughtful and helpful information. Everything from photographs to sound recordings, film and computer data are considered, but with an eye to the future, when new technologies of data storage could bring about considerable changes in the way archives are managed.

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Astrid Zydower ARCA MBE - Her Life & Works

With a foreword by the Earl & Countess of Harewood.

ISBN 978-0-9535019-6-0

The work of Astrid Zydower has a significant place in the sculpture of the 20th century. She was considered by Richard Buckle to be one of the greatest realist sculptors in the world since Epstein and Rodin: An accolade with which Epstein agreed. During her lifetime she fought against publicity, and there was never a specific exhibition devoted to her, but this book attempts to reveal her genius, by gathering together some of the many photographs taken of her and her work. To this has been added a short biography assembled from my own and other people’s memories of this remarkable person. It will be seen that not only was she a brilliant artist, but a sincere friend and confidant to those who knew her.

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Peter C Amsden ARPS ABIPP

With a background in science and becoming disenchanted with many of its tenets, I moved towards photography, film and later television. With a bias towards shorts and documentary work I gained many years experience in the profession.

With an increasing interest in the archiving and long the term preservation of media I have made a special study of the subject and now offer my services on a consultative basis.

In more recent years I decided to put some of my understanding and experience into the written word. My keen interest in genealogy has enabled me to publish books on some aspects of the subject, and I am also a regular contributor to The National Archived magazine ‘Ancestors’.

I am an Associate of both The Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

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The Medical Professions & Their Archives

ISBN 0-95350-192-2

How the various branches of the profession evolved (physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, etc.) and where to look for the archives relating to their lives and careers. If you are a genealogist searching for members of the medical professions this is an invaluable resource.

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Contacting Relatives

(No ISBN download only)

For those family historians who have been wondering how to make that first move towards contacting other people with the same name.

Things to avoid and things to try. Constructing a letter to get results.

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Plant Identification - A Pocket Glossary

ISBN 978-0-9535019-7-7

This book provides definitions for both archaic and modern terms for plants and their parts.

It is a perfect companion for anyone with a collection of books on plants - as many books assume a prodigious knowledge of scientific or archaic terms, and neglect to offer definitions.

£8.89 GB plus postage

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